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Sharon Clarkson always had a strong desire to write since she was a child. Although she loved romance, history and other non-fiction stories, poetry always held a special place in her heart. My Dream, her first book of poetry received impressive feedback. 

“I’ll take 25 copies” 

A. Perez, Realtor, Keller Williams 

In her second book, My Dream Continues, she gives readers explosive love, romance, inspirational and spiritual poetry.  You’ll find a riveting message behind each poem. 

In this book you'll find love and inspirational poems such as Love, Extraordinary Man, Finish, Life Matters, His Secrets, and He Who is Destined that will touch your soul. She hopes in some way her penetrating words and motivational message will make a positive difference in someone life.

Readers will come away inspired, enjoying every word. This book you will want to read cover to cover!