​My Dream Continues is a collection of poems of encouragement and inspiration that has four chapters filled with romance, relationships, inspirational and spiritual poetry. The romantic poems can invoke thoughts of love and excitement. The relationship poems reflect how people interact with one another. The inspirational poems will inspire others to do more with life. Lastly, the spiritual poems will arouse your spiritual being. Each poem has a penetrating message that will grab readers’ attention.  

All of this would not be possible without the love and support of family, friends, and others who believed in me. To them I send a heartfelt thank you. The enormous level of support and encouragement has made all the difference in my journey.  

What is next for this author? My writing journey continues onward to short stories, fiction and nonfiction novels, for I have so many amazing stories to tell.

Copyright 2012: SClarkson Books | Poems of Encouragement and Inspiration | All rights reserved.

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